About Us

  • Soulmate Research is based on metaphysical research of astrologer Archer One. This system is for men and women seeking a unique relationship. We focus on identifying relationships with potential for deep metaphysical chemistry for people seeking passion and a sense of destiny in their romance.


  • Our method is a unique blend of time-honored matchmaking techniques which have been researched and practiced for thousands of years. We refine and combine these techniques to bring out the best while eliminating obvious pitfalls. We use a combination of Western, Chinese, and Indian astrology, numerology, energy patterns and more to score the soulmate strength of each potential relationship.


  • Just a few examples of our soulmate searches:


  • To use our system, we recommend you join one or more internet "dating" sites. We will help you set the search parameters and then analyze your prospects as you begin communicating with them.


  • The only information we required is the birthday of the prospect. If the birthtime and place is available that is also helpful.


  • Using our system, people can begin meeting metaphysically matched prospects in as little as a few days. With effort we believe that "soulmate potential" can be found in most cases within 90 days!





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