"Things are great with me! _______ is a gem! I love him so much! He is truly my soulmate.  We spend every weekend together."

 "I'm having so much fun with my dates!"

"Just a very quick note to let you know that I officially have a boyfriend now....We had another fantastic date on Saturday....There are a lot of details to this, all very exciting, but bottom line...we are official.

 We definitely have strong emotions for each other... I adore this man. He treats me like a queen. He has such a good heart, a true gentleman. We have so much in common, our enculturation is similar. I think he was made for me. He feels the same about me.

 He told me that he was totally blown away by me the first date we had. He also said that he cannot believe how strong his feelings are for me after such a short time knowing each other, he said the things he is feeling would have normally taken months to go to. I think he is in love, he did call me "Amore" which I know is Italian for "my love".  I feel very strongly for him as well... it is just too exciting for words. This is one very special man! I gotta get back to work."

"I told my mom about _______. She is genuinely excited. I can hardly wait for my parents to meet him. Don't want to push my luck, but he is THE ONE."

"Things are going great! I have truly met my soulmate in ________. We both feel the same, you should hear the conversations that we have been having! I told him that we both owe you tremendously for connecting us.

He has already invited me to his nieces college graduation party in June, and his mother will be there as well. He said "I Love You" Saturday night... I pretended not to hear it, as I think he was a bit full of wine.

We have the most incredible connection in so many ways. He even had our charts done and was very pleased with the reports he got back. It is so funny! I truly think he is my destiny, and he feels the same way. I am so lucky to have this wonderful man in my life. I still can hardly believe it is happening to me."

"Things are awesome with my soulmate _______. We are so in love. We spend every weekend together, it is so nice to have a reliable, decent man in my life. I'm going to attach a photo that we had taken at _______ this past Saturday."

We definitely have to talk!!! This is just beyond fabulous!!!

"Soulmate Research was right on the money about _______, _______, and _______. And you were right about _______ and _______ gravitating towards me... by the bucketload!.... So far, from what I can see, your system is almost infallible!"

"I am happy with my life now. I finally have met my soulmate...."

"I have so many wonderful things to tell you about. Also, remember my 25 year old friend? I think he may be ready for Soulmate Research... "

"_______met my parents this weekend. It was wonderful. My mom was just gushing about how nice and genuine he is. My dad and he talked computers. And I told _______that I loved him."

"I read my romance compatibility profile and am very impressed. It's amazing what you can tell about a person with just a small amount of information. This is very insightful... and the descriptions are remarkably on target. Wow. I had to read it a couple of times to absorb it all!... This is exciting. I meet people easily and can talk with most anyone. However, I have a hard time finding someone I can connect with in a romantic way. I sure appreciate the time that goes into preparing this report. I am totally fascinated!"

"I think I've met HIM. Birthdate___ -____-____, born in _______________, LA unknown time of day. Believe it or not, he actually lives in "my own backyard", less than 5 blocks from me. I'm in love for the first time and I think it's going to last. Sincerely thank you, _______."

"How do I feel? Just about totally blown away by the strength of the attraction. I believe that we are both slightly afraid of the rapidity of the relationship."

"As usual you were right about ________. We started dating 6 weeks ago and I broke up with him yesterday. When we met, things looked promising. Great looking guy, with a sense of personal style, dress and manner that I found charming. I soon sensed that although he was physically attractive and romantic, we were not in synch with our goals and personal chemistry.

He did his romantic best to convince me otherwise and I gave our relationship a shot because I didn't want to leave a 'stone' like him 'unturned'. Three weeks as his girl proved to me that he wasn't the one. Your assessment of how our union would evolve was really on the money. We were very off-sync in the passion department and our destiny as predicted was way off. You predicted either a short-term relationship or a long-term arms-length friendship. Again, you were totally on the money!"

"...the profile you wrote for me combined with the new photography you suggested nets me about 100 to 125 hits per day, LOL. That's up from about 25. I thought you'd like to know."

"Let me know what my stars say cuz you know I'm a true believer by now."

"I've never had anything hit me this hard, this positively. I know, I really do love him."

"It took about 2 and a half months and about 30 connections. You have to have the attitude of 'who's next'. You're free to have fun. Don't make a big emotional investment. Then, when you meet that person you'll know the chemistry."

"I've been married three times. I've never had anything happen to me like this. It feels so right."

"I was working at it.... I was sending e-mails everyday. It was like opening a catalogue. I had so much fun.... I met so many wonderful people... before I finally met _______."













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